arthritis relief
ski injuries relief
arthritis relief

TP Gold -- relief from arthritis, sports injuries, back pain, muscle strain, rheumatism, tennis elbow, tendinitis, bursitis, and ligament strain. Used by athletes, olympians, sports teams, senior adults, medical centers, and hospitals, it is proven effective.
arthritis relief
arthritis relief

tp gold arthritis relief
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TP Gold
Clinical Studies

arthritis relief

TP Gold Pain Relief
Proven Effective
in Clinical Studies

American Journal of Pain Management

In the American Journal of Pain Management, October 1994 issue, Thomas Romano, M.D., Ph.D., and John Stiller, M.D., reported a clinical test of TP Gold on fibromyaliga syndrome (FMS) patients. FMS is a soft-tissue rheumatic condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, tender points and non-restorative sleep. The report stated,"Results clearly indicate that TP Gold is helpful in relieving pain in patients with FMS, especially patients who have gastrointestinal intolerance to NSAID's (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)."

Christopher Burda, M.D., F.A.C.R

Christopher Burda, M.D., FA.C.R., a leading rheumatologist and arthritis researcher, reports a 93% success rate in relief of pain among patients involved in an open-label clinical study. These patients had pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and other similar disorders. Their pain relief ranged from good to complete. The over-the-counter drug that was used in the study was TP Gold Analgesic Lotion.

As Dr. Burda stated, "TP Gold is a most valuable therapeutic modality without systemic side effects in the management and treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders."

William Brelsford, M.D.
Another leading rheumatologist, William Brelsford, M.D., conducted a double-blind study at a leading research center and said, "TP Gold can provide a significant level of pain relief for the discomfort of bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis and similar soft-tissue injuries and disorders."
Terri Eberhardt, P.T., Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic, Inc.
Forty-eight patients seen in private practice with a variety of orthopedic diagnosis were treated with ultrasound Phonophoresis with a 50/50 mixture of the topical analgesic anti-inflammatory lotion, TP Gold and regular ultrasound lotion. Ninety percent had good to very good relief or reduction of pain while eight percent of this group had excellent response. There were measurable increases in increase range of motion and increase strength came shortly after the decrease pain and increase range of motion. There were no systemic side effects and a few local skin reactions. It appears that the use of TP Gold in Phonophoresis is a most valuable adjunctive aid for further pain relief in various orthopedic disorders.
Joseph Kahn, Ph.D., P.T.
Joseph Kahn, Ph.D., P.T., a leading physiotherapist and author of the well-known textbook Principles and Practice of Electrotherapy reports that all of his patients who used TP Gold received temporary relief from pain. He said, "TP Gold is a significant adjunct in the treatment of arthritis."
1994 Physicians Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs

Listed in the 1994 Physicians Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs, TP Gold is a patented drug and is formulated with three powerful, active pain relievers and 18 other high-quality ingredients in a rich, smooth lotion that's also good for your skin. TP Gold contains Methyl Salicylate and 24-Karat Gold. Consult your physician if allergic, and use only as directed.

Because TP Gold is topically applied and is not taken internally, there are no gastrointestinal side effects, such as those associated with some pills and tablets. TP Gold provides hours of relief and is one of the most effective analgesic pain-relieving applications available without a prescription.

Because people take gold for severe arthritis it is believed, not proven, that the 24 Karat Gold is very instrumental in the relief of muscle and joint pain and all types of arthritis.

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arthritis relief

relief from arthritis

"TP Gold has been the best product that I have EVER found to use in many applications in my workouts. Applying TP Gold prior to a workout to muscles that have been strained or over-worked helps me to continue thru my daily weightlifting routines."

Terry Eberhardt
1991 National Jump Champion

arthritis relief

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