arthritis relief
ski injuries relief
arthritis relief

TP Gold -- relief from arthritis, sports injuries, back pain, muscle strain, rheumatism, tennis elbow, tendinitis, bursitis, and ligament strain. Used by athletes, olympians, sports teams, senior adults, medical centers, and hospitals, it is proven injuries relief
arthritis relief
arthritis relief

tp gold arthritis relief
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TP Gold
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arthritis relief

todd jacobs

TP Gold is the most effective sports therapeutic lotion I have ever used to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and soreness after a race. TP Gold is a significant part of my ability to remain competitive in my sport.

Todd Jacobs
Placed 1st in Ironman Triathlon (Japan)

relief from arthritis

TP Gold is FDA approved, used by world class athletes, and commended by the American College of Rheumatology and the Arthritis Foundation.


I would like to give this testimonial as to the effectiveness of TP Gold. I have used it for over three months and I have found it to be extremely effective. I would not dare start my day without application of this product.

As a former professional athlete, the wear and tear on my body is very evident. With the aid of your product, I have found a measure of relief. I am very proud to tell you, it works!

--Dr. Ron S. Sr., Arp, Texas

"I am happy to say I am a firm believer in this product and have been using it for the last 10 or more years. After I fell and hurt my back I have muscle spasms. The reason I am writing is to thank you for this product. Nothing else helped."

--Mrs. Cynthia E., Altoona Florida

"...It is the best rub on analgesic that I have ever used. It is far better than anything I have bought from the stores..."

--Effie C., Fontana, California

"I have bone degeneration and severe, constant arthritis...and decided to give TP Gold™ a try. Day 1 -- applied 3 times --substantial relief. Day 2 -- applied 3 times -- down to occasional ache. Day 3 -- applied 1 time in A.M. !!! NO MORE PAIN!!!"

--Martha F., St. Petersburg, Florida

"We have all been totally amazed with this product and are so thankful for it. No other product can match it or even come near when it comes to relieving arthritis pain!"

--Jeanetta M. B., Nashville, Tennessee

"Over 30 years ago (present age 67) I broke, while playing a basketball game, the medial malleolus of the left tibia together with ligament damage. The problem was misdiagnosed by an MD, DO and a podiatrist all of whom said I had a sprained ankle. Eventually a proper diagnosis was made by the Detroit Tigers team physician and resulting therapy resulted in about 80% mobility etc. At various times I have strained the joint and tibial tendon around this malunion, however after a bit of home therapy the pain went away and I was able to carry on as usual.

About two years ago I foolishly strained the tendon and joint ( I just had to whip a young 30 year old in a 50 yard race) ( which I did) . This time however the tendon and joint did not heal in the aforementioned time. I was now forced to hobble with pain and 2 physicians suggested that a fusion of the ankle was the only solution while another said to live with the problem.

About 5 months ago I read an advertisement regarding your product and decided to try It. To my amazement after the first month , pain was reduced to tolerable discomfort and I was able to walk with some degree of normalcy. In the months that have followed almost all the pain has, disappeared and I am now able to walk normally.

I now use the product only when I am on on my feet for an extended time such as painting the house etc. By the way I walk 2 miles/ day and pump Iron 3 times/week."

--J.D. Edwards, Gainesville, Florida

"A few months ago, I saw your advertisement for TP Gold™ in our Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Since I was having so much pain from arthritis in my knee and leg, I decided to try the small size. I could not believe the results!. I am now using my third bottle of TP Gold™ (large size) and would not be without it. The warmth immediately penetrates the painful area and gives a welcome relief. It is especially effective at night. I have recommended it to so many people who have never heard of it--even my doctor!"

--Mrs. Dayle Phelps

arthritis relief

"TP Gold has been the best product that I have EVER found to use in many applications in my workouts. Applying TP Gold prior to a workout to muscles that have been strained or over-worked helps me to continue thru my daily weightlifting routines."

Terry Eberhardt
1991 National Jump Champion

arthritis relief

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